I have long held my angers, judgement and flat out irate rantings about the folly of human kind. Right now I would like to write it out, let it move through me and offend many people. For those people I offend… fuck you. For ONCE in my life I could care less. I have stopped thinking about you, helping you, sacrificing myself for you.

Human beings are a mass of disease. Horrid things we are. For all you blonde. bimbo bomb shells, please… kill yourselves. For all you ego stated men of pleasure, please… kill yourselves. Just do us all a favor. Become a Saint and sacrifice yourself unto the will of whatever pathetic God you believe in. I am so sick of this shit.

I am just a middle aged, fat, ugly human. Woman with a cunt… as you fuckers say.

Kiss my ass.

I wanted my husband home tonight. Made him a wonderful dinner, I have been taking my meds you see, I am a “good” wife now. But the meds do not change how I feel. Why do humans demand so much? Why do we have so many children? Why do we suffer and blame a nameless, empty God? My husband is out making a living. Every second he is away he misses me, does the best by me and his child. Why is this happening? Why has society accepted this “norm”? I may be a bitch with an illness but I am a bitch that loves my husband and child. I am a bitch that wants to be with them, both of them, everyday without the threat of outside crap.

My husband loves his job. I love his job but I miss him. He works harder and harder to support us.  I miss him more and more. I would give anything that society was not so ignorant with a lying government and shit for brains democracy.

Why? Why for this small pathetic life, can I not just live and enjoy it? Why do human fucking beings take so much from each other? It is pathetic how much so many try to become God. Money, power, control. Fuck it all,

Just want my family. No fancy restaurant, no massage, no T.V. show, no maids. I just want to be with my family. I would like the ones who need ” more” to kindly fuck off. Really. Human bastards. Fuck off. And take your money and religious domination with you.

Sorry hubby. I am ranting. I am keeping the potatoes warm for you. 🙂

*edit* I am sorry about the rant post. I had always dreamed of something better than this. I for some reason thought it would all be cuddling with my husband and child, cooking with my adopted uncle, talking with my mother and laughing with my father over oysters. Life is beautiful but something is fucking it up… am I the only one who sees this? I do not think I am. March on my friends. I will bring the muffins and soul fire.

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