Gay Marriage; I do or I don’t do?

Recently reading a wonderful article in Newsweek (please buy a copy all of you) with the headliner “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage” Dec. 15, 2008. Whether for or against gay marriage I encourage you to read this most logical, knowledgeable, well written article. It is very true that these last 5 years have been a war waged on two very important things (both which I am very passionate about). The first; abortions, oh you bet I have an opinion on that but alas, another blog. The second; gay marriage.

Cons: Makes a mockery of the traditional man/woman marriage.

My retort: A mockery? With a country that has a divorce rate over 50%?! You want to talk about respecting the sanctity of marriage? In vows (before God mind you) a promise is made to God and to each other that you will love and honor forever, forsaking all others, in sickness and in health. People get divorced anyways because they fall in love with other people, because the partners gets sick or worst of all because two people did not know each other long enough before they were married to realize they are a disaster together. With such little respect shown to the institutional/spiritual marriage between a man and a woman I hardly see why anyone should be offended by two people of the same sex wanting to participate in this very publicly diminished ceremony.

Cons: But the bible says…

My retort: Put a little effort into reading the bible and all other biblical sources before you whip out that line.

Cons: Homosexuality is scary and gross.

My retort: I don’t see anything gross about two men or woman spending their lives together which often involves; the holding of hands, tender looks, passionate arguments, laughing, shopping, eating out, hugging and kissing (all of which I do with my best girl friend and yes, I am married and “straight”). As for the private stuff you can “only imagine” I would recommend that you should not spend so much time thinking about what other people do in bed together and concentrate on what you do in bed. Really how would you like everyone picturing you in the throws of passion (love handles and all)?

Cons: Marriage might make it easier for homosexual couples to adopt children.

My retort: Are you fucking kidding me?! Are you going to adopt them and give them good homes? You would really rather have the child float around in foster care than have a shot at the possibility of a solid, loving home? If you are going to take those guns out better do some research. Children raised in same sex relationships almost always turn out better off (happier, healthier and more successful) than those that come out of  foster homes and equally as good as the “normal” home. Don’t ask me why (though I would try to tell you) just trust me and do some looking up on those statistics.

I know there are plenty more cons but my point is as straight as it gets.

No one has the right to tell anyone what they can and cannot do as long as those wishes do not harm anyone else. I personally don’t see gay marriage as threatening to my life or my husbands life or my child’s life or any ones life for that matter (shit, it doesn’t even threaten my well being). Marriage is hard and if you have the balls to do it then you should be given your chance. It is the human being’s right to choose it’s own path in life.

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