I Will Blog…

I will blog in efforts to become a better person and express my ideas to absolutly no one (as none read my tiny, deprived, selfish little blog). I guess I could go on and on about why I have decided to continue with this sorely neglected blog of mine that waits for a post like a woman waits for an orgasm but instead I will simply say; my mother has had a blog a year less than myself and written in it over and over again (yes, a very satisfied blog) and I have let mine be a fancy passing in my somewhat delusional life.

My mommy has outdone me! (This is why they encourage home schooling (smart mommy’s))

No longer will I sit in the shadows of her editorial perfect, prestigious, profound, well-developed, intellegent (not “I can retort” intellegence but real independent free thinking intellegence), passionate blog.

I will now rise above to spew forth a very not intelligent, not profound and very un-developed blog.

How dare my mommy out do me!

So lets see what happens when opinions meet fire meet fingers meet blog.

Will my brutal honesty be the folly or simply the teaser?

Will I look like an ass or like an ass that owns an ass whom is owned by an ass?

Will anything make sense in the end of the end that starts the beginning of the end of another end?

Tune in next week for more of my mental bowl movements.

The Passing of Mothers’ Day

Another Mothers Day come and gone; it makes me think about this flower giving, obligating and false promise making “holiday”. I have been a mother for three years and every time mother’s day comes around I feel bad that I might not have been the “best” mother all year and results in me cleaning the house from top to bottom, agonizing over my mother’s gift for the occasion and fighting with my husband about the day itself. After sweating all day doing dishes, putting on make up for my hubby and telling my son I love him every six seconds I ask myself; what really is this day of mother worshiping?

I think about my mother.

This day is a false and ignorant means to get money and inspire people to spend it.

But I think of my mother anyway; hence have I “sold out” to the masses of holiday frenzy?

I have. I bought her roses.

But I thought about her, wondering what gift could I give this woman? Well knowing my mom, only my happiness in life would do to please her. That I am still having trouble with so what to I get this woman? A promise? A thought? Roses that will die?

My mother will never know how much I love her and the moments I remember about our interactions that I hold precious to my heart. She may never know that I still have bad dreams and wake up wanting a hug. There is so much my mother will never know about my complete and utter love and respect for her.

My mother may never know how much I love her so I sent her beautiful yellow, peach and orange colored roses in a lovely square vase with a balloon from her grandchild stating; I Love You Grandma and a silly card. I had to choose the roses. I over thought a holiday that can never say how much I love her.

I guess that this is what mother’s day is about.

I simply could not get my mom off of my mind.