Am I really that bad?

Yes. Yes.

I am a horror of a human being.

I am really “that bad”.

I am someone that people speak of with disgust.

Even my friends have judged me so completely. I love and trust these people, so if they think I am bad. Then I am.

How can I change what I am?

I cannot.

So now I know how others see me and who I am.

I am just another piece of no name shit that has caused others pain. The people that I cannot stand are just like me. Worthless, blood sucking, useless… let me think…I really for a micro second thought I was a some what decent human being. But no, I am just like Sarah Palin. A utter, complete, mindless, useless, soul sucking cunt.

I am just a worthless, problem causing bitch.

I am so ashamed to be me.

I am pretty fucking worthless.


(A few days later) – Upon reflection of this blog I feel obligated to mention that at the time of posting I was very manic and under the influence of a very heavy sickening microbrew. Also comments made about me were over a year ago so I am just being a sensitive, self pitting punk ass. As for the comments on Palin – I retract nothing.

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