Black pepper and Fleur De Sol crusted Calamari steaks.

Fresh calamari steaks

Panko bread crumbs

Course ground black pepper

Fleur De Sol salt (found at specialty markets)

Unsalted butter

Olive oil


Fleur De sol “flower of salt” gives these steaks a rich salty flavor balanced out by fresh ground pepper. This is as simple as it gets so use the highest quality of ingredients. The calamari is featured here so a simple garnish of lemon is all you need.

Make a plate of plain panko crumbs and loads of black pepper (as much or little as you like). The salt should be applied directly to the calamari but be very careful, this salt packs a punch and is not for the weak of taste buds (I actually place single grains on the steaks, one grain per square inch) take your time with the salt application it shows your love of food (the food will respect you more). In a large skillet (please no non stick we don’t need training wheels) heat up your olive oil and a wee bit of butter (maybe a teaspoon or two) until the butter is slightly starting to brown over medium high heat (depending on the cookware).

After coating the steaks give them a little jiggle to get any excess crumbs off (the skillet is hot they don’t need a heavy coat to go in) and fry them (depending on thickness) about 1-3 minutes per side. Don’t let those beautiful babies start curling up on you, they get tough and rubbery. Serve with plenty of lemon wedges.

I cannot stress this enough; if you are unsure of the cooking time to get cooked yet tender calamri ask your fish monger. Your fish monger is your friend and like all friends he loves to give advice so keep your ears open!

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